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General Paediatrics

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General Paediatrics (paediatric medicine), deals with the health care needs of infants, children and adolescents up to 16.  This can range from early feeding issues to common health complaints and complex chronic conditions.  A general paediatrician has expertise in growth, behaviour and developmental issues and can help link in with other therapists when required. 

Sub-specialty paediatrics (Paediatrician with an interest) focuses on a smaller area of the field with the Paediatrician undergoing extra training and experience.  These areas are usually divided up by the body systems or common  conditions (e.g. cardiology, gastroenterology, allergy, respiratory paediatrics, Neuro-development).  Occasionally, further specialist advice is required and the paediatrician with an interest will refer onto a full specialist in that field, usually based in large centres (primarily Auckland).