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Information for professionals

Midland Paediatric Specialists is a group practice run by a range of paediatric medical and surgical specialists. We are looking in to linking with relevant allied professionals in future and already have an established pathway for cross referrals for investigations and further assessments that are not covered within our team.

We accept referrals for children aged 0-18 for a wide range of clinical problems listed in our service page. We generally encourage families to get referred to us through primary care colleagues including GPs and allied health professionals to establish standard practice and continuity of care.

We will be happy to receive referrals through this website or other referral portals such as Specialists & Referrals (S&R) and EDI (midpaeds), as well as through conventional routes of mail, email and fax (to email).

Please include your reason for referral, brief history and clinical findings as well as relevant information such as vital signs, results of investigations and growth parameters where available. Please also consider including current treatment if any.

If possible, please include information discussed with family regarding the referral (including consent) and if the family is covered by health insurance, to help process the referral.

Our professionals are affiliated to major healthcare insurance providers such as southern cross and NIB, as well as through ACC.

We are also happy to receive referral on advice regarding whether an appropriate service could be offered within in our private practice.